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In today’s episode: Jaw-dropping crypto news you can’t afford to miss! 📉 Bitcoin is falling into the abyss, breaking crucial resistance levels. What does this mean for the market? 🧐 Major updates on the highly anticipated Ethereum ETF — could this be the key to a new bullish trend? 🚀 Solana surpasses Ethereum in fees collected, and find out why the meme coin market is skyrocketing! 💰 Learn all about the Aevo airdrop and how to get your ZERO and AZUR tokens. Plus, astonishing statistics from CoinMarketCap on Solana-based meme coins. Subscribe now to stay updated with the latest and most important crypto news! 📲💥

0:10 – Introduction 👋
0:31 – Market Prices 📉📊
1:16 – ETH ETF Update 📰📈
2:00 – Pump.fun Surpasses Ethereum 🚀
2:39 – Aevo Airdrop 🎁
2:54 – CoinMarketCap Meme Coin Statistics 📊🔥

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在今天的节目中:您不能错过的惊人加密新闻!📉 比特币正跌入深渊,突破关键阻力位。这对市场意味着什么?🧐 关于备受期待的以太坊 ETF 的重大更新——这会成为新一轮牛市的关键吗?🚀 Solana 的手续费收入超过了以太坊,并了解为什么模因币市场正在飙升!💰 了解 Aevo 空投以及如何获得您的 ZERO 和 AZUR 代币。此外,来自 CoinMarketCap 的令人惊讶的 Solana 模因币统计数据。立即订阅以获取最新和最重要的加密货币新闻!📲💥

0:10 – 介绍 👋
0:31 – 市场价格 📉📊
1:16 – ETH ETF 更新 📰📈
2:00 – Pump.fun 超越以太坊 🚀
2:39 – Aevo 空投 🎁
2:54 – CoinMarketCap 模因币统计数据 📊🔥


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