【Youtube紹介】BAT listed on Circle and hints at new partner, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Drama, John McAfee at it again



Overnight the markets gained $13 billion dollars. Landon takes you through the recent news and helps keep you up to date!

The sell pressure in Bitcoin (BTC) has lifted temporarily allowing the market cap to rise, and sideways action has been tempting towards an upside for this past week. With big news that Fidelity is joining the cryptocurrency race along with the Intercontinental exchange is going to radically change this market. Also it’s brought up discussions about a bitcoin etf and bull runs.

There is always bull run talk but now it seems to be somewhat substantiated by previously outside companies taking an active role in this space. When will the bull run start? It still might not come, no one knows the future. We will continue to monitor these markets so join Landon in his cryptocurrency research journey!

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Also beware of desperate publications reusing old stories for added FOMO and clicks… Learn to trust certain publications and always double check your information across multiple sources.

Doing your own research has never been more important.

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