【Youtube紹介】Bids Back Up @ -90%



Crypto market is correcting as fast as last bear market in 2014, -68% in only 3 months. This should not be the case as bull market went up much less and took longer this time, compared to 2013 bull market.

Probably because this is first time stock market is also correcting at same time, making it worse for crypto. If this trend continues crypto will likely correct as much and as fast as in 2014, meaning -80% by Jan 2019, so around $150 billion market cap and will reach same all time lows as last bear market, so for Bitcoin -85%, Top 10 -95% and many -99%.

Think bids for Monero at -85% ($75), Ethereum at -90% ($140) and Bitcoin Cash at -95% ($200) from ATH have good odds to get filled by February 2019.