【Youtube紹介】Bitcoin going to $0? David Lavine and Richard Heart talk about BTC, Ethereum, HEX, and making money.



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00:00:00 Altcoin Channels Dying
00:01:01 Video Titles
00:01:49 PSA: Follow Price Prediction Updates
00:04:31 David’s Advice: Don’t Trade
00:05:07 PlusToken Ponzi and Cause of Pump
00:06:55 Seized Coins Sell Pressure
00:07:53 Removing HEX Claimers
00:08:53 Current Price Predictions and Difficulties
00:10:50 FairWin VS PlusToken
00:12:16 MLM VS Ponzi Schemes VS Pyramid Schemes VS Chain Letters VS Bubbles
00:18:48 Pyramids and Game Theory (Referral Tiers)

00:21:49 HEX is NOT a Security
00:23:31 Free Crypto Has a Successful Track Record (Top 10 Review)
00:24:48 Security When Claiming HEX
00:27:39 How Bitcoin Addresses. Transactions, Change, and Wallets Work
00:29:22 Claiming From Multiple Addresses
00:30:17 FTP Difficulty
00:30:32 Claiming (Ethereum and Metamask)
00:31:48 Bonuses
00:34:08 Penalties
00:35:16 Staking and Day 350 Dump Fallacy
00:35:32 AutoStaking
00:36:33 Free Claim Bitcoin AutoStaking
00:37:54 Staking and Share Price
00:39:35 Adoption Amplifier (Like EOS)
00:42:52 Why Dumping / Hating HEX is NOT in Your Interest
00:46:25 BTC VS HEX ROI
00:46:42 tBTC Vaporware
00:49:43 Measuring Success by Ethereum Gas Usage
00:51:20 Gaming Metrics
00:54:23 Self-Referring
00:55:04 How Much HEX per Bitcoin
00:55:29 HEX Bull Case
00:56:37 HEX Distribution: By the Numbers
01:01:30 Stakers VS Adoption Amplifier
01:03:06 Giving Free Coins Works If People Buy More (Coupons / Timeshares)
01:04:17 Free Money Cannot be a Scam (30% Can be Immediately Dump)
01:07:48 Highest ROI of All Time
01:08:53 Lavine’s Sh*tcoin Hypocrisy
01:09:11 Most Startups Fail
01:10:15 HEX’s Built-in Dark Patterns
01:13:16 David’s Bear Case (Harder to Market Than BTC)
01:15:41 HEX Pitch: Extremely High ROI
01:16:34 Subconscious Pump Sense
01:17:00 David’s Fallibility (Kyber Network / OMG)
01:17:40 Game Theory Tips
01:19:17 Delays / Added Features / Timeline
01:20:38 Audits / Security / Bugs
01:22:56 Launch Date
01:24:01 People Are Stupid!

01:24:43 Binance (and BNB)
01:28:50 More Than 40% Dips Lead to Crashes
01:30:42 BTC Price Predictions Difficult (Due to Ponzis)
01:35:38 New Ponzi Incoming?
01:04:17 HEX Development More Important Than Trading
01:38:17 Richard’s Shills
01:38:46 MakerDAO
01:42:22 Money VS Crypto
01:45:53 David’s Shills
01:46:07 Decentralization
01:47:03 Referral System and ROI
01:48:11 Software Delays
01:48:45 Crypto (Like Cities, Not Companies)
01:49:21 Benefits / Costs of Decentralization and Security
01:50:14 Compound Finance and DeFi
01:51:06 Rube Goldberg Machines
01:51:56 Blockchains are Only for Censorship Resistance (and are Socially Enforced)
01:54:38 Supply Lock up In ETH VS HEX
01:55:50 Uses of Crypto (Interest, Trading, Games)
01:56:57 How Price Increases
01:57:11 Augur
01:57:51 Cryptos that Work (Monero, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, EOS)
01:58:57 Smart Contract / DeFi Risks (Ethereum, Compound, DAI, MakerDao)
02:08:36 Voting Mechanism Failures
02:11:20 Intermittent Fasting
02:14:10 Foam Rolling
02:14:34 HEX (Interest, Testnet, Security)
02:15:21 FairWin Ponzi
02:17:13 Tezos and Voter Education
02:19:19 David’s Shills
02:21:07 Referring Whales
02:22:22 Richard’s Shills
02:24:58 Reality VS Bag Pumping
02:28:07 Price Calls (Novogratz / Tom Lee)
02:29:30 BAKKT / Institutions Are Bad for Price
02:36:12 Bull Market is Coming
02:36:59 Marketing / Referrals in Crypto
02:39:04 Scammers Quitting
02:40:42 HEX and Longevity
02:41:17 Conclusion