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I had to mistype that telegram link on purpose because some browsers are popping up a warning on telegram links, (which is as stupid as popping up a warning on a youtube link…)
If you want to see the boxes for the watches: https://twitter.com/RichardHeartWin/status/1395430060757237762
Me predicting the bounce today, yesterday: https://youtu.be/cG4EwhdF9ZQ?t=114

00:00:00 RH Calls The BTC and ETH Tops Again!
00:01:28 HEX Outperforms, Despite Gatekeeping
00:03:11 Bearish Posts Get No Engagement / The Masses Hate The Truth
00:03:44 HEXicans Don’t Always Dump, But When They Do, It’s For USD
00:04:36 HEXicans Are Very Happy / Unconcerned With Volatility
00:05:23 NFTs / Sh*tcoins Dumped / Cleanse Was Needed
00:05:51 Current PulseChain Development / Updates (T .me/PulseChainCom)
00:07:45 Sacrifice Updates: Mechanism
00:08:37 Monero Can Now Be Sacrificed
00:09:26 Price Analysis: BTC VS ETH VS HEX / Bitcoin Will Get Flipped!
00:16:17 Explaining The Unusually Hard Dip: Fiat Exodus / Liquidity / China Ban
00:19:07 Multiyear Bear Called
00:20:24 Bounces Can Happen
00:21:24 Vitalik and Ethereum Foundation Dumping / Causing The Top / Criticisms
00:23:04 Origin Address Has Never Sold Any HEX / Remains Unstaked
00:24:09 BTC Can’t Go To Zero
00:24:29 Prediction: 85% Dump (10K BTC)
00:25:05 HEX Will Outperform In A Bear Market
00:25:21 World’s Largest Airdrop: PulseChain
00:25:28 ETH Gas Fees Today: $50 For Uniswap Swap
00:25:56 Summary: RH and HEX Are The Best In Crypto
00:26:20 Dips Are Opportunities
00:26:49 RH Predictions Coming True (HEX VS BTC/ETH / HEX During Bear Market / Calling The BTC/ETH Tops)
00:27:16 The Giving Tree
00:27:45 Whales Causing Tops
00:29:11 Prediction: 85% Dump (10K BTC)
00:29:57 Bounce Incoming?
00:30:13 Head and Shoulders and Shoulders / Explaining Jokes
00:31:00 Respond Or Die In Obscurity (Peter Brandt
00:31:32 2017 Fractal Indicates Big Bounce
00:33:17 Look For A Bounce (BTC:50-55K / ETH:3.6K)
00:34:35 Dips Are Opportunities
00:34:49 Getting Followers In Crypto / Sh*tcoin Promoters Sell On Your Head
00:35:45 How To Buy HEX (Buy ETH, Then Visit 1inch.io / Matcha.xyz / Ethhex.com / or App.uniswap.org )
00:36:55 Coinpaprika.com and HEX (Half The MC It Should Have)
00:37:17 Watches
00:38:15 Multimillionaire HEXican
00:38:26 HEX Will Benefit From Inflation
00:38:39 HEX Has The Best and Most Transparent Chart
00:41:02 Translating To Spanish
00:41:08 Checking Time On RH’s Watch
00:41:18 Multiyear Bear For BTC, But Not HEX
00:42:08 Shorting Ability Would Be Bullish For HEX
00:43:25 Explaining Market Psychology / Reflexive Systems
00:44:34 PulseChain Awesome Features / Sacrifice Must Be Done Optimally
00:46:23 HEX Advertisements
00:47:13 We Are Due For A Bounce
00:48:09 Bulls Can Make More Money Than Bears Even In Bear Markets
00:48:46 Tipping Turned Off / Big Tech Needs To Be Regulated
00:49:54 Sacrifice Info Here: T .me/PulseChainCom
00:50:04 Compliments
00:50:14 No More BTC Free Claims
00:50:45 No Sharding on PulseChain
00:51:36 Raoul Pal Shilling Altcoins?
00:51:54 Raoul Pal / Patrick Bet-David / Erik Voorhees Lying About Interviewing RH
00:52:38 HEX VS Dishonest and Dumb Social Media Influencers (Tragedy of the Commons)
00:54:58 HEX VS Disgusting Memecoins / NFTs
00:55:30 HEX Has Helped Create Many Millionaires (HEXican Buys $750K Lambo)
00:56:49 Wyckoff TA
00:57:56 Losing Money Trading / Gaining Money w/ HEX
00:58:12 You Can’t Buy RH’s Chain / Giant HEX Chain Incoming
00:59:06 Renting A Yacht
00:59:21 HEX Necklace (How It’s Made: CNC Machine)
01:00:13 Prediction: Double Bubble Won’t Happen / 85% Dump Incoming
01:00:47 What If Questions
01:01:23 3D Printing VS Subtractive Finishing
01:03:03 Minimum Stake Term
01:03:08 RH Should Have More Followers (T .me/Scivive)
01:03:54 General to Specific Common Themes In Multiple Disciplines
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