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Richard Heart: Blockchain thought leader, cryptocurrency investor, author, serial entrepreneur, Bitcoin OG

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00:00 Start
00:12 Rice Cryptos Intro
01:10 Richard’s Background / Intro to Bitcoin
02:49 Social Media Cycles / Monopolies
03:49 Education and Mass Adoption
05:01 Gell-Mann Amnesia Effect
06:13 Bitcoin Upgrade Difficulty (SegWit)
10:33 On Satoshi’s Vision
11:41 PSA: Discussing Bitcoin’s Flaws / Effect on Price
14:09 Current Market Sentiment / Schelling Points
16:18 Reasons Why Bitcoin Is Going to $8500
17:30 Cutting Interest Rates / Gold / Manipulation Through Derivatives
20:19 Banks Buying / Liquidity
22:57 BitMEX and VPNs ( Richardheart.win )
24:12 BitMEX and Federal jurisdiction (Porn and Youtube in UK)
27:49 Scams VS Incompetence
29:57 Bitcoin’s Digital Gold VS Currency Pivot (Youtube / Flickr)

30:53 Primecoin
32:34 Goldcoin
33:43 Alt Season
34:27 HEX
34:54 Monero
36:17 Alt Season

00:37:26 World’s First Blockchain CD
00:40:35 Holders Get Paid, Not Miners
00:44:33 HEX Updates and Difficulties
00:46:18 HEX Bonuses and Unclaimed Tokens
00:47:34 Timeline
00:48:53 Burned Coins and Tax Benefits
00:49:24 Maximum Supply
00:51:11 Timeline
00:52:47 Working Functions
00:53:46 Incentivizing Maximum Price Appreciation
00:55:21 Benefits VS Bitcoin
00:57:09 Timeline
00:58:12 Whale Penalty and Importance of Getting in Early (Unclaimed Coins)
01:01:01 Referral Links
01:01:26 Emergency Unstaking
01:02:47 Getting HEX Without Bitcoin
01:09:25 Unstaking / Early Selling
01:09:49 Exchanges (IDEX, EtherDelta, Others)
01:10:20 HEX is NOT a Security
01:11:37 HEX Benefits
01:12:26 HEX VS BTC / ETH / Sh*tcoins
01:15:32 Importance of Getting in Early
01:18:18 HEX Benefits (Huge Market, Audited, No Middlemen)
01:18:58 Order Books and Trading
01:20:18 Getting Into HEX
01:21:59 Richard’s Shills
01:23:34 Bitcoin is going to $8500!
01:24:26 HEX Shirts
01:24:35 HEX Logo
01:25:28 Richard’s Marketing Ability / Advertising Profitability
01:30:48 Summary

01:31:22 Conclusion