【Youtube紹介】Bitcoin market update and Questions and Answers with Max Wright.



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00:00 – Start
00:10 – Bitcoins recent drop
03:19 – Should I buy Bitcoin now?
09:36 – Bitcoin dominance
11:45 – Will there be another bull run in 2025?
12:33 – Blockfi & The crypto fund
14:00 – How does one borrow against ones bitcoin?
15:05 – Can Bitcoin be manipulated and If so how and why?
16:23 – Should I shift money from savings to stable coins?
17:03 – Did India and China ban crypto?
17:30 – Will USA ban bitcoin?
18:08 – How low will BTC and ETH go after this cycle & when will that happen?
18:44 – Will Ethereum flip Bitcoin?
18:55 – Decentralized exchanges (defi)
19:38 – Stock2Flow model
20:18 – Should I shift my 2021 gains into stablecoins or fiat ?
20:54 – Will big banking elites attempt to manipulate bitcoin?
21:07 – Will Monero be outlawed?
23:30 – How much bitcoin will you sell and how much will you hodl?
25:10 – How will exchanges cope when everyone wants to sell at once?
25:36 – What is defi?
26:30 – What exchange should I use if I live in Washington state?
27:00 – Trezor tutorials on youtube
27:38 – What happens to my incoming USD payments flow if we go to a digital currency?
28:39 – What % of my assets should I put into crypto?
29:29 – What is a cold storage wallet?
32:00 – What exchange should I use in Australia?
32:55 – Does Bitcoin have links to bilderberg group?
33:36 – How are Alt-coins and Bitcoin cycle related?
34:50 – Do I have to wait until my Trezor comes in to buy bitcoin?
35:10 – Where should I buy my wallet?
35:30 – Should I keep my money in two different banks?
36:00 – What is STACKS?
36:27 – How long will Precious Metals be manipulated?
37:20 – Should I use online wallets?
38:15 – How do I know when the bull run is almost over?
39:00 – Is Prime Corporate Services set up for Australia yet?
39:39 – If you had 5k to invest, would you DCA or buy all at once?
40:00 – Where can I buy monero anonymously?
41:00 – I’m new to BTC, should I wait for a dip before getting in?
41:30 – What do you think of Bitcoin cash and Bitcoin silver?
42:18 – Will any Alt-coins out preform Bitcoin in 2021?
43:00 – What are the risks with blockfi?
44:49 – How to get a $250 bonus on blockfi
45:40 – What if the bull run ends and real esate hasn’t crashed yet?
47:20 – Will this year be like the 2017 crash?
48:18 – If the government buys enough bitcoin, can they manipulate it?
48:44 – How do you know when to sell?
49:25 – How do you deal with greed?
49:36 – Is Kraken safe for staking?
50:17 – How the “My Net Wealth” calculator works
51:18 – How do I trade gold / bitcoin pairs on Kraken with leverage?
52:10 – Do you succeed more using longs or shorts?
52:50 – What is Coinspot and is it safe?
53:30 – Did I miss out on the Crypto Fund?
55:00 – When will this bull market end?
55:42 – Can I use a money market account to buy phsyical gold?
56:59 – When USD purchasing power declines, will that negate my returns?
57:34 – Why bitcoin is hard to manipulate
59:17 – Will bitcoin grow exponentially forever?
59:50 – What is your bitcoin exit strategy this cycle?
1:02:39 – Being a trader vs being an investor
1:04:20 – Why you should subscribe to this YT channel
1:05:00 – Why hasn’t the US dollar hyperinflated yet?
1:06:20 – Can you start investing in crypto without a lot of money?
1:07:50 – Do you stake your crypto?
1:08:35 – The timing of the coming real estate crash
1:09:41 – Ethereum will have a massive move soon
1:11:00 – What is manipulation? & big boy pants
1:12:00 – Why don’t banks / mortgage holders just pay tax liens themselves?
1:13:09 – Is bitcoin killing gold?
1:13:52 – Where should I safely keep or stash my cash?
1:14:33 – Will the bail in or the cash crash happen first?
1:16:30 – Precious Metals market
1:17:15 – Taking btc profits into alt coins
1:17:57 – Why people don’t like spending bitcoin.
1:18:40 – How to buy jewelry with crypto
1:18:59 – Will Ethereum flip Bitcoin?
1:20:00 – Atomic swaps

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