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00:00:00 Introduction
00:00:31 New Clothes
00:01:19 How Dominic and RH Met
00:01:56 CMC Censorship / Market Cap Is A Vanity Metric
00:06:13 Rug Pulls
00:08:46 RH Building His Own Coin Ranking Site?
00:10:34 HEX Transparency
00:11:12 Pseudonymity
00:11:19 BTC Counterparty Risk
00:11:53 BTC Inflation Bug
00:12:58 “Code Is Law”
00:13:56 10,000 Coins
00:14:16 Price Charts: HEX vs ETH vs BTC ( LookIntoHex.com/hexbtc )
00:16:29 PulseChain: Forking Ethereum w/ System State
00:19:34 PulseChain Other Benefits: PoS / Tokenomics
00:20:07 PulseSwap / Domain Names
00:21:01 PulseChain Sacrifice
00:22:09 PulseSwap / Uniswap Forks
00:22:53 Sacrifices / Political Statements
00:24:12 Free Claiming HEX and Other Coins
00:25:56 Frisby On BTC’s Price
00:28:03 Technical Analysis: BTC and ETH / “Judas Candle”
00:29:56 ETH Surpassing BTC
00:31:40 Metaverse / NFTs / Art
00:34:05 BTC VS Gold
00:34:44 “Gold Is To Money As Horses Are To Transport”
00:35:38 BTC Dumping Like Crapcoins Despite Liquidity
00:36:13 Proof of Waste / Miners Are Not Your Friends / BCH Fork
00:39:58 Ethereum Is Better Than Bitcoin
00:40:51 BTC Dumping Like Crapcoins Despite Liquidity
00:41:27 Older Coins (ZEC / DASH / LTC / BCH / XMR) Not Recovering Like BTC
00:42:09 Monero (Anonymity Set / Bug)
00:42:29 HEX Flawlessness VS All The Hacks and Bugs In Crypto
00:43:07 Blockstream Screwing BTC Users By Selling Cloud Mining / Liquid Instead of Improving BTC
00:44:32 BTC Developers Leaving
00:44:59 Why HEX Price Is De-correlated / “Heart’s Law” (Bonded Liquidity)
00:46:46 Bull Market: Small Caps Pump Harder Than Large Caps / Reverse Is Also True / Actual Leverage VS Free Leverage
00:48:08 ETH Outperforming BTC
00:48:28 Importance of Buying The Right Coin
00:49:08 HEX Is An Amazing Opportunity
00:49:41 HEX Benefits Simply Explained
00:52:03 HEX Demographics
00:52:12 SIM Swap Scam
00:54:59 How To Buy HEX
00:55:51 *PSA: Secure Your HEX Properly! / Avoid Scams*
00:58:08 Crypto Is Paradigm Shifting
00:59:06 Crypto Narratives VS HEX Incentivizes Buying and Holding
00:59:43 Amir Taaki
01:00:50 BTC Developers Leaving
01:01:02 Jeff Garzik Is Scum
01:02:23 Top Signals (3 Year Bull Run / Celebrity NFTs/ World’s Richest People Bought / TA / Historical 85% Dumps / Manic Buying / Fees)
01:04:48 Reduced Dips Due To Inflation?
01:05:32 Frisby’s 4 Phases To Market Cycle
01:06:38 TA Theory Doesn’t Always Work Perfectly
01:07:47 HEX and Technical Analysis
01:08:44 Monero / Tornado.Cash / Importance of Privacy
01:10:27 Free Coins For HEX / DeFi Users
01:11:40 Crypto Is A Full Time Job
01:12:26 PulseChain and PulseSwap / Uniswap Forks
01:13:17 Sacrifice Phase In 1 Month?
01:14:00 AMMs Explained
01:16:23 Wash Trading on AMMs?
01:17:21 DeFi Scams VS HEX Flawlessness
01:18:02 Founders and Holders Get Rich
01:18:15 Importance of Buying The Right Coin / HEX Benefits
01:18:29 HEX Code Is Not Open-source
01:18:42 HEX Staking Creates Positive Feedback Loop
01:18:56 HEX Price and Opportunity
01:19:21 PulseChain Sacrifice Set
01:19:44 Freemium Pulse
01:20:28 Forked Stablecoins On PulseChain?
01:21:26 Coin Ranking Sites Listing 10,000 New Coins?
01:21:40 Metamask Makes Onboarding New Users Easy
01:22:16 Bridges
01:23:41 Getting Rid of Middlemen and Exchanges
01:25:39 Freedom VS Monopolies / Decentralized Video Sharing
01:31:33 Crypto Can Truly Change The World
01:31:51 More Timestamps In The Replies!