【Youtube紹介】CRYPTO CRASH, IS THIS THE END?, Tether USDT Audit Underway, Solana DeFi Exposed



Today on Good Morning Crypto…

We will be discussing… Blackrock CIO, calls crypto a durable asset, stating “Prices will go higher” within the next 3 years, we tell our listeners the pros and cons of investing in volatile assets.

Kevin O’Leary is bullish long term, stating he is using this bear market to “average down” on fundamental projects, while Mad Money host Jim Cramer is living up to his name, calling for $12k Bitcoin.

Is Tether (USDT) FUD coming to a close? The company announces a full audit from a top 12 firm, stating stablecoins will become more sustainable than traditional banks.

Cardano is launching a native Light Wallet, while Solana creates a proposal to take over a whale account, amidst fear of network liquidation, completely undermining the purpose of decentralization.

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//// T I M E C O D E S
0:00 – GMC Intro
0:17 – Intro / Cast Introductions
5:52 – Fear & Greed Index
7:35 – Market Analysis
8:26 – Bitcoin Rainbow Chart
17:13 – Blackrock’s CIO: Bitcoin And Crypto Are Durable Assets – Prices Will Move Higher
22:20 – Binance CEO: If You Bought Bitcoin Every Time There Is A “Bitcoin Is Dead” Headline, You Would Have Done Well
24:42 – Is It The End Of Crypto Twitter Clip?
31:06 – I Will Keep Supporting Dogecoin
35:16 – Kevin O’Leary On Why The Crash Could Benefit Crypto Businesses In The Long Term
44:35 – Tether To Undertake Full Audit By Top 12 Firm For Transparency Over USDT Reserves
52:20 – Cardano (ADA) Builders Launch Platform’s First Light Wallet
58:58 – Outro / Closing Remarks

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