【Youtube紹介】Crypto market Crash Over – Are We Going Back Up? AMA & More!



Crypto market Crash Over – Are We Going Back Up? AMA & More!
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00:00 Intro
05:25 Realist talk
06:06 Don’t join!
07:00 Wyckoff, crypto market observation, and more
25:00 TA & bear market theory
34:55 great one minute videos
35:22 Goldman Sachs report on Crypto
36:07 bitcoin swapping
36:48 exchange platforms
39:35 ADA going up
40:19 Buying again?
41:11 Engine and Dent Coin
41:32 Which coin should I buy in these crash market?
41:50 EGLD and BDT
42:40 Opinion on SHIBA INU coin
44:36 wake of accumulation and Harmony one
44:50 Best percentage for taking profits
45:55 Coinmetro tip
48:22 Hex
49:44 Trust swap and metamask
50:07 No bear or bull market?
51:51 Paul being Technical
52:35 GMR has seemed to be doing good with the road-map, they already had the 1st FIFA Friday and WZ Tournament very soon. What’s your view on them so far?
54:50 If you could invest only in 1 coin?
55:12 Why ADA?
56:03 Are we on a bear market already?
56:32 Will there be another dump?
57:28 Buy Dent, it will sponsor the Olympics
58:20 BTC better than Cardano?
58:45 Will ETH flip BTC?
59:07 Tax advice, ask an accountant
59:45 Opinion on Litecoin
1:00:12 Different Blockchains and market cap (the example of ETH)
1:02:50 HODL for how long?
1:03:13 Opinion on Algorand
1:03:32 Not a YouTuber, a cryptopreneur
1:03:55 BTC down and Cardano up. Why?
1:04:38 Comparing ETH to BTC
1:05:14 Mindset if you ‘re new in crypto
1:06:09 Avalanche and EOS
1:07:10 Bitcoin and Cardano confirmation
1:07:29 ADA or Polkadot?
1:09:01 Straight up
1:09:10 Moronic comments
1:18:38 BTC in bearmarket $100k?
1:19:17 opinion on Kucoin
1:20:20 Monero
1:20:50 Helium mining
1:25:20 XRP comment
1:26:32 Subscribe, notification button and like
1:27:18 Shout out
1:27:35 Helium miners’ price
1:27:53 Invitation to Rome
1:28:23 View on Refinable coin
1:29:03 $500 budget
1:29:32 When crypto gets regulated do you think private coins such as Monero would sky rocket ? Explanation on what staking is
1:30:48 Shout-out
1:30:55 ADA to outperform polygon?
1:32:34 Binance NFT trend
1:33:04 BTT
1:33:31 Comment on STMX
1:35:28 Market manipulation
1:35:45 Handsome crypto man
1:36:04 Coinbase or Binance
1:36:41 Stock market crash and crypto tank
1:38:10 Portfolio advice
1:38:41 cex dex hex or sex?
1:39:13 BTC the best performing asset of all time?

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