【Youtube紹介】Cudo Miner Review



➜ CudoMiner – https://cudominer.com/?a=B-VoEjEeg
➜ Twitter – https://twitter.com/LigerLite
Today i’m going to show you how easy it is to mine Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero or Ravencoin with your GPU or CPU using Cudo Miner an easy setup beginner friendly Crypto miner with rewarding 3-Tier referral program. There is wide variety of settings that allow you to use different popular algorithms out there, when cudo miner mines for example when computer is idle or when computer is started.

There is versions for linux and mac too if you don’t want to try it out on windows. Ultimately you are going to pay that 5% miners fee and that may be quite lot of money for some and especially in current bear market, but it might good option since it automatically mines most profiting coin out there. There is likely to be more coins listed on Cudo Miner in future and might take another peek at this program then, right now its running out easy outside from antivirus crying. It’s easy to setup and even a person who doesn’t understand tech very much can use it. #bitcoin #mining #GPUmining #CPUmining