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Live Crypto Market Update and Q&A

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0:00 Intro

0:20 Bitcoin Adoption – 2x as Fast as Web

2:14 Billionaire Ricardo Salinas talked with the director of Blockchain Land about his investment in Bitcoin.

3:10 ARKW ETF trades from June 22nd reveal that Ark Invest bought the Bitcoin dip, adding a massive 1,046,002 shares of the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC), currently valued at just over $30.3 million
Cathie Wood & Ark are Buying the Dip

4:20 Dips?
Bloomberg Intelligence, Mike McGlone, compared $30,000 with the $4,000 in 2019 and 2020. This level was key

5:38 Elliot & Wyckoff Combo

6:34 Entertainers Offering Financial Advice
Cramer was on Squawk on the Street to talk about his investment holdings. He listed three reasons why he had sold most of his bitcoin. The China crackdowns were one. Which he believes is just beginning and will continue on.

6:00 Move Away from China Mining is Greener

9:33 China All In On Crypto – but their own!!!

11:00 Paraguay – Domino #2

Paraguay is 30% larger than El Salvador 6.5m el s and 7.5M in Paraguay – all in all very similar

11:26 Bitcoin Options Expiry Tomorrow

12:43 Go Texas! Need Cali to Drop Next

14:00 Bitcoin & Gold thru the eyes of Farley

15:00 Journalism – 1500 Investors

16:20 CelsiusNetwork & Prime Trust – Rehypothecation risk – Alex Mashinsky response was that this is false. What is Rehypothecation? Rehypothecation is a practice whereby banks and brokers use, for their own purposes, assets that have been posted as collateral by their clients. Clients who permit rehypothecation of their collateral may be compensated either through a lower cost of borrowing or a rebate on fees.

18:49 Monero XMR Miner Warning

19:40 Stocks on Fire TTD, Tesla, NVTA and CRISPR all up – after stocks hit record highs following Biden’s infrastructure deal