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Bitcoin Live (BTC) Buy Sell Analysis Dashboard
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How and when to use this (real time analysis CFDs, forex trading, indices, commodities, gold metals, cryptocurrencies and oil markets) big data indicators signal dashboard.
This is very unique indicator signal(combined 1,029 custom best indicators same time to analysis to generate the trend data), you only need to pay attention to the S.01(signal 1) and S.02(signal 2). When the signal index reaches 95~100%, that is the right time to entry the market, regardless of the current market trend up or down. You can use this super indicator signal to decide whether or not to trade based on your personal trading strategy.

*Attention! Further and more perfect way to use this special indicators signal:
S.01(Signal 1) = Short-Term Trend, S.02(Signal 2) = Long-Term Trend, STOP = Close Order/Take Profit/Stop Loss
The cyan/green signal represents the current upward trend, when the signal shows 95% ~ 100%! It does not mean that you have to open (Buy/Long) position. On the contrary, the red/pink signal represents the current downward trend. When the signal shows 95% ~ 100%, it does not mean that you have to open (Sell/Short) position at this moment.
At this time, it is likely that overbought and oversold divergences will occur, and you must be very cautious to judge based on the market advantages you find.
(for intraday trading/short-term trade/long-term trade/live scalping/hedging trades etc.)

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*This bitcoin (btc) and cryptocurrency live analysis dashboard is for bitcoin traders reference or educational purpose. It is not an investment recommendation for your.