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Nice way to end the week, the first sustained green we have seen for awhile. All of the top 10 cryptocurrencies having above a 3 percent 24 hour increase from the day before. Another trick by the whales, pushing up the price once again to squeeze out any last dime they can muster? Or is this general interest from investors, and the reversal of the bear market of 2018?

Elastos $ELA, most of you know this is a coin that I am super bullish on. There tech is literally ground breaking and the team, lead by Rong Chen, are outstanding. SAIC motors, the largest auto manufacturer in China, has commissioned Elastos to implement the Elastos applications in their vehicles control systems.

Does Coranos2 ring a bell? He is a developer for the City of Zion and creator of the NEO ledger app. He is the one who was able to get our precious NEO and GAS safely stored on a hardware wallet. Well Coranos has been up to it again, working on development of ledger support and apps, out of his own good will. The coins are
1. Elastos $ELA
2. Nano $NANO
3. Minex Coin $MNX
4. Wanchain $WAN

How long until ledger gets these coins added?

On April 5th, Monero $XMR has forked to version 12 of the protocol, and it has created 4 new projects
1. Monero Zero $ZMR
2. Monero Original $XMO
3. Monero Classic $XMC
4. Monero Classic $CXMR

Isn’t that just classic people!!! Tune in to find out what each of these coins do (if anything at all)

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