【Youtube紹介】Realistic Forecast for Binance Coin $BNB in 2021!



Binance Coin $BNB absolutely rocketed lately going 8x in the span of 1 month from around $40 to a peak (so far) of $330. It tore through the rankings and is now an impressive #3 overall on CMC rankings. So I had to take a closer look and study what may be causing this (1 of the reasons I think other YouTubers haven’t been mentioning as much). I’ll also touch on where I think price is headed based on these fundamental reasons and also what hurdles they have to overcome for the long haul. Overall Binance coin rocketing should not be surprising in retrospect but please give this video a watch if you want to learn more about BNB as a potential investment and how to analyze its future from a fundamentals perspective.

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0:00 Intro
1:10 An underdog story
1:40 Rocketing juggernaut
2:45 1st reason for pump
6:57 Godex shout out
7:39 2nd reason for pump
8:48 Future BNB price
10:01 Long term hurdles and risks
12:17 Future outlook

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