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►LOCAL.BITCOIN.com | Welcomes Thousands of Pre-Launch Users
Local.bitcoin.com has seen over 5,000 new users since the peer to peer marketplace opened. The site fully launches next week on June 4th, opening direct trading to anyone, anywhere in the world, with over 30 different payment options.

LINK: https://news.bitcoin.com/bitcoin-coms-local-bitcoin-cash-marketplace-gathers-thousands-of-pre-launch-signups/
SOURCE: https://coinspice.io/news/bitcoin-cash-trading-anonymous-peer-to-peer-no-kyc-non-custodial-on-its-way/

The free point-of-sale application is now available from Apple’s App Store, allowing Bitcoin Cash payments at any retail location.

LINK: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/bitcoin-cash-register-bch/id1460652887?mt=8
SOURCE: https://news.bitcoin.com/bitcoin-com-launches-free-bitcoin-cash-register-platform-for-ios-devices/

►CASHSCRIPT | Bringing Smart Contracts to BCH
Cashscript is a high-level language that enables basic smart contract functionality, allowing for unique decision-based transactions on Bitcoin Cash. The project is intended to bring developers from Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and other chains to create smart contracts with a common workflow.

LINK: https://news.bitcoin.com/cashscript-is-coming-bringing-ethereum-like-smart-contracts-to-bitcoin-cash/

►BCH DEVELOPER | Community Funding Campaign
Bitcoin.com and the broader BCH community are working to raise awareness and funding for Bitcoin Cash developers. The initial goal is to raise 800 BCH by August 1st, 2019, with all contributions being donated to Bitcoin ABC, Bitcoin Unlimited, BCHD, and Bcash.

LINK: https://blog.bitcoin.com/you-can-help-support-the-development-of-bitcoin-cash/
SOURCE: https://coinspice.io/news/bitcoin-cash-trading-anonymous-peer-to-peer-no-kyc-non-custodial-on-its-way/

►ELECTRON CASH | SLP Version Upgrades
Various updates to the platform, including the ability for users to send custom BCH amounts and SLP token amounts simultaneously.

LINK: https://simpleledger.cash/project/electron-cash-slp-edition/

►CASHUAL WALLET | Released on Android
Johnathon Silverblood releases his BCH payment wallet with cloud backup, utilizing Android’s built-in application backup feature.

CASHUAL: https://twitter.com/monsterbitar/status/1134076391295782914

►CRYPTO.com | Adds BCH Wallet & Card Support
Crypto.com announced on Wednesday that it has added support for Bitcoin Cash to its wallet and card app, allowing users to buy BCH with bank transfer or credit card.

LINK: https://crypto.com/en/index.html
SOURCE: https://news.bitcoin.com/wallet-and-card-app-crypto-com-adds-bitcoin-cash-support/

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