【Youtube紹介】”The Bull Market In Crap Is Over” | Kevin Muir



Kevin Muir, author of The Macro Tourist, joins Forward Guidance to make sense of the recent choppiness in stocks, commodities, and crypto. In conversation with Jack Farley, Muir shares:

• Why he is shorting Bitcoin and buying gold
• Why the bear market in speculative stocks (what he calls “crap”) will likely continue
• How secular inflation will accommodate value stocks but threaten growth stocks


00:00 • Introduction
00:32 • Long Gold, Short Bitcoin?
16:23 • An Era of Fervent Speculation
21:24 • Nail in the Coffin for Meme Stocks and SPACs?
33:22 • Are Bonds Safe
41:42 • Modern Monetary Theory (MMT)
45:00 • Fiscal Dominance– Why this time is different