【Youtube紹介】Zcash Price Analysis – 24th October 2020



This Zcash Price Analysis – 24th October 2020, is hosted by BNC’s Josh Olszewicz and finds technicals for both ZEC/USD and ZEC/BTC show a bearish trend as both pairs sit below their respective 200-day EMAs and daily Clouds. Downside support for ZEC/USD sits at US$50 based on a yearly pivot and VPVR. Downside support for ZEC/BTC sits from 0.0043 BTC sats to 0.005 BTC sats based on VPVR. The ZEC/BTC pair continues to sit within a multi-year bearish pitchfork which will invalidate beyond 0.010 BTC. Both pairs are ripe for a long squeeze on Bitfinex with open interest over 90% net long.

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