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This is a video about Binance Coin (BNB) Price Prediction 2022-2035

According to a study, Balthazar CEO John Stefanidis has great hopes for BNB. According to him, a BNB value of $3,000 by 2030 is entirely realistic. Because of its cutting-edge technology and adherence to international rules, BNB is well-positioned for long-term success. He also emphasised the significance of Binance’s outstanding user experience, a strong venture team, and a terrific brand in BNB’s success.

Despite the fact that BNB is now more affordable for many investors, Desmond Marshall, Director of Rouge Ventures and Rouge International, thinks Binance Coin will ultimately overtake Ethereum. According to him, the application of the limits will have the largest effect on the crypto’s performance. Furthermore, the neighborhood’s trust in BNB is a critical factor in determining future growth.

All of these projections are favourable, but care is advised. We’re talking about 8 years from now, therefore it’s worth taking a look at the current situation of the crypto-industry. The values of BNB and Bitcoin are inextricably linked. Fortunately, BNB may be burned on the Binance exchange, lowering the number of tokens in circulation and possibly increasing the coin’s price.

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