【Youtube紹介】Binance Coin BNB vs ETH – 10x in 2021 – WHY EVERYONE IS WRONG!



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Do you love Binance BNB or are you an Ethereum fan hating their guts? Fact is BNB is now the 3rd largest cryptocurrency and if you look at BNB vs ETH, there has been a dramatic change in power since February.

So who is right and who is wrong?

Is BNB a fad and Ethereum Layer 2 solutions will kill off the copycat MetaMask L2 integration is here. Uniswap v3 is coming.

Or is this just the beginning and BSC, Binance Smart Chain will still obliterate even ETH L2?

In this video, we will also recap what played out and what didn’t since the last episode on Binance Coin BNB. BNB has gone 9x since then…

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