【Youtube紹介】Cardano (ADA) 3 Reasons for a November Bull Run



In today’s video we cover three reasons why CryptoCurrently expects a bull run for #Cardano #ADA in the coming weeks.

The first reason is their partnership with metapps plus. This company is based in South Korea, and their Point of Sale (POS) devices are in over 30,000 retail stores.

Metapps plus is expected to go live with ADA support in November 2018. This will give real world use to ADA and could see it’s adoption increase significantly within the region.

The second reason ADA could see a price increase is the #Trezor support coming for the token before the end of October.

The ability to safely store your balance offline will increase the adoption of the crypto as investors feel more comfortable securing their investment.

The last reason CryptoCurrently is predicting a bull run is the potential for a #Coinbase listing.

Based on past performance, when a coin is listed on Coinbase, the price increases significantly.

As we have most recently seen with 0x, and BAT, simply based on speculation.

ADA is at the top of the Coinbase list for potential listing, if this were to happen, a major price hike would follow.


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