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Today for all cryptocurrencies from the top 10 of the CoinMarketCap resource capitalization rating began with a fall. Litecoin suffered the most, its price declining by more than 5%. Bitcoin is trading slightly above $ 11 thousand. During the day, the asset rate fell by 2.7%. Tether suffered the least, it fell by only 0.01%, and its price is $ 1.

UK FCA Wants To Include Crypto Firms In Financial Crime Reporting Rules
The UK financial watcher wants crypto firms to submit annual reports of financial crime to reinforce a data-driven approach to regulation.

Cryptocurrency firms in the United Kingdom may soon face broader anti-money laundering reporting requirements.
In a consultative document released this month, the Financial Conduct Authority has proposed expanding its annual financial crime reporting obligations to include all cryptoasset providers and custodian wallets.
Extensive requirements for UK crypto firms

Kraken: bitcoin is in the beginning of its growth phase
Members of the crypto community believe that there are prospects for a positive movement for BTC.

Dan Held, director of business development at the Kraken crypto exchange, presented his vision of the bitcoin situation. In his opinion, the cryptocurrency is at the beginning of a positive movement.

Canadian company transferred cash reserves to bitcoin
Canadian graphic design firm Snappa has converted half of its fiat reserves to bitcoin.

Firm co-founder Chris Grimmer attributed this decision to the growing risks of high inflation. The bank where Snappa kept her savings cut its interest rate to 0.45%. The company fears that fiat currencies will depreciate faster, which will reduce the real value of their reserves.

Hacker stole personal data of 1000 traders from crypto-tax reporting service
A hacker stole user data from CryptoTrader.Tax, an online service used to calculate and file taxes on cryptocurrency transactions.

According to a source who met the hacker on a dark web forum, the hacker hacked into the account of the CryptoTrader.Tax marketing and customer service employee on the support center platform. With this access, a hacker could see customer names, email addresses, payment system profiles and messages, sometimes containing cryptocurrency earnings.

Is Ethereum Reaching Its Limit?
Three Arrow Capital CEO Su Zhu explained why Ethereum has become an “unmanaged network.”

Three Arrow Capital CEO Su Zhu pointed out an opportunity that could be an obstacle to the development of Ethereum.
Zhu provided his explanations on the POV Crypto Podcast. There, he acknowledged that the current bull market did not come about because of investors chasing Bitcoin’s digital gold narrative. In contrast, Zhu said the bullish rally is based on the number of investors who are counting on DeFi Ethereum for “a profit they cannot get with banks.”

Mycelium partners with BlocPal to enable next generation Crypto-Fiat solutions for Mycelium Wallet
The updated wallet will provide consumers with more options to use their cryptocurrency.

Mycelium, the creators of The Default Bitcoin Wallet, has partnered with BlocPal International, a leading global fintech and blockchain technology company, to expand its crypto-fiat feature offerings in its next generation Mycelium Wallet. The partnership will also provide US and Canada Mycelium users with a Mycelium credit card that can be downloaded from their Mycelium wallet balance. There are plans to roll out

Opinion: the US Fed gave the green light to bitcoin growth
Crypto community members believe that the inflation of the US dollar will trigger the growth of the digital asset market.

America will continue to print dollars in an effort to improve the country’s economic performance. The media came to this conclusion after analyzing the plan of the US Federal Reserve, which the head of the regulator, Jerome Powell, will officially present on Thursday. A further rise in inflation in the country, according to participants in the crypto community, will positively affect the position of digital assets.

Iranian government withdraws over 1,000 crypto mining farms
Iran rewards people renting cryptominers working without a license.

Informants helped Iranian energy company Tavanir shut down 1,100 crypto mining farms that allegedly operated without proper licenses.

Monero: Hard Fork Announced For October – Australian Exchanges Dropped XMR
Monero will be performing the next major network upgrade on October 17th.

Australian crypto exchanges must remove Monero, Zcash, Bytecoin and other privacy coins due to regulatory pressure.
According to a posting by privacy activist and Monero contributor known as ErCiccione, the privacy coin will undergo a major online update on October 17th.