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🧨BNB coin price prediction🎯
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As a crypto day trader, you trade futures, which are contracts or derivatives of the actual asset. That allows you to sell what you don’t even own. In short, you can buy or sell Bitcoin or BNB when you day trade futures, whereas investors can only sell the tokens that they actually own. 

0:00 Intro
00:39 Tweet me Your Charts
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01:52 Analyzing the Daily Chart
02:33 Analyzing the 4H Chart
03:20 Range on the 1H Chart
04:28 Where is the price going next?
04:49 Assessing the Double Top on the 1H
06:15 Potential W on the Daily Chart
07:05 Final Thoughts

So a cryptocurrency day trader shouldn’t care whether the asset goes up or down, because he can profit off both. 

In this video, I go through the thinking process of a trade. Also, I’m forecasting what I see happening in the market as the coin reversed but not so strongly on the 4H and 1H Chart.

This is pure technical analysis with no confusing and bogus indicators. Understanding how to read price action for real is the best way to have confidence in technical analysis. 

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