【Youtube紹介】What Cryptocurrencies To Watch Moving Into Bull Market



1:53 to skip the YouTube Information – sorry that took so long!

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and other major cryptocurrencies are moving into bull territory. Hard forks such as Bitcoin Gold and Bitcoin 2X (SegWit2X) are causing spark in community and investors want in for the “free money.” We are starting to see more positive headlines around the world. Price action is moving upward, suggesting we are moving back into a bull market. We are missing one part: Volume. I didn’t emphasize this enough in the video – BE CAREFUL. Volume is very low right now, which can yield some odd price action.

However, if this is the start of the next bull run for Bitcoin, I wanted to discuss some of the cryptocurrencies I’m watching right now. Ethereum has the first portion of Metropolis update coming up. Litecoin is still undervalued relative to other majors. Monero continues to lag despite tons of bullish sentiment. Zcash tested highs of $400, but has since retraced. Ark has seem some price manipulation according to Reddit (although I suspect some of it is a healthy correction given how sharply Ark moved up). It continues to seem like one of the better buys in the market right now.

Let me know your thoughts on whether or not we really are in a bull market and if what to buy if so.

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