【Youtube紹介】Why is BCH Price Dropping? • Will Bitcoin Cash Recover? 🤔



In this video, I cover why BCH prices are dropping. Bitcoin cash is on an decent decline due to recent power outages in Xingiang, China. This is where many nodes on the Bitcoin network are located.

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BUYING $7000 of BCH | Should you buy Bitcoin Cash | Bitcoin Cash Price Projections | Crypto

This is a long term investment but the price prediction for Bitcoin Cash is around 10k-20k in the long run so if you are willing to stick it out then it will be well worth your wait.

Buying Bitcoin cash can be risky, but if you get in at the right time your investment may pay off astronomically.

What are the price predictions for bitcoin cash? Is bitcoin cash a good investment?

I cover all of this in this video explaining BCH.
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