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All the latest Bitcoin Cash news presented this week by Roger Ver, CEO of bitcoin.com, and Zane Tackett, Head of OTC Sales at B2C2

In this episode Roger discusses all the latest Bitcoin Cash news including lots of restaurant and delivery services adding Bitcoin Cash such as Shuttle Delivery in Korea and takeaway.com. Zane a former Bitcoin Maximalist and small blocker talks about his switch from using BTC to Bitcoin Cash.

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Full Show Notes

► Hivr app (formally Unit) | Social wallet where users can chat anonymously and earn bitcoin Cash, for posting awesome content.

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► Bitcoin Cash Development Meetups World Tour | Gabriel Cardona
Over 10 Meetups around the world will be featuring Gabriel Cardona to speak via webcam about Developing on the Bitcoin Cash blockchain over the next month.

BITCOIN CASH ONLINE COMMUNITY: https://bitcoincash.mobilize.io/registrations/groups/26412

DEVELOPER COMMUNITY: https://discordapp.com/invite/4rueDmm

► Pixel.Wallet | 0.11 BCH Giveaway
The Pixel. Wallet has been on the show before- though today the creator of the wallet is giving away 0.1 BCH to the first person to claim the Bitcoin Cash with your Pixel.Wallet

Scan the image with your Pixel.Wallet (Direct link is in the video description below)
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► Shuttle Delivery | Food Delivery Service BCH Accepted.
Seoul-Based Food Delivery Services accepting Bitcoin Cash.

This includes the well-known online German food marketplace Lieferando.de, a subsidiary of Takeaway.

Seoul-Based Food Delivery Service Now Accepts Bitcoin Cash – News Bitcoin News
The South Korea-based food dispatch platform called Shuttle Delivery now accepts BCH for door-to-door meal deliveries throughout the Seoul region.

►Takeaway.com also now allow you to use Bitcoin Cash

►FiveBucks | Very Successful Launch with Bitcoin Cash

Fivebucks is the world’s only truly global freelance marketplace where you can get stuff done for only $5.

Try it at fivebucks.com

► Rebel wth Cause | Bitcoin Cash Accepted Clothing Store
New Toronto Based Clothing store focussing on Bitcoin Cash clothing with a street fasion sense.

Special promo code – Enter the code: bitcoin.com during checkout and receive 12% discount on your entire purchase!

Visit https://rebelwthcause.com/

►PLAYBCH.CASH | Bitcoin Cash based raffle on the BCH Blockchain

Try it here https://playbch.cash/

► The BCHpizza project | Incentivizing food places that sell Pizza to start accepting BCH.

A website dedicated to growing merchant adoption of Bitcoin Cash.

Visit http://bchpizza.org

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